Carriage of wheelchair passengers:

Skippers can provide wheelchair assistance for passengers who require it from the terminal building to aircraft steps only.

Passengers must be able to manage steps (with minimal assistance by ground or cabin staff).

The agent making the booking MUST advise Skippers at the time of booking what amount of assistance the passenger will require.


Passengers Requiring Assistance

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Download Skippers Disability Access Facilitation Plan

Booking your Flight

It is important that Skippers are made aware of all special needs and requirements for extra assist for passengers at least 24 hours prior to the flight departure time. Failure to give 24 hours notice may result in travel being refused. To ensure we know what your requirements are you must make your booking directly through Skippers Reservations by calling 1300 729 924. Internet special will be honoured.

It is important that you provide us with as much information as possible at the time of booking and some of the key information we may need to know includes but is not limited to

  • Level of mobility (passengers with limited mobility will be required to travel with a Carer).
  • Are you able to self-transfer to and from a wheelchair.
  • Are you travelling with your own wheelchair, if so is it electric, is the wheelchair collapsible?

Should you fail to advise us in advance your travel may be refused.

Travelling with a Carer

In certain circumstances we require passengers to travel with a Carer when they are unable to care for themselves during check in, boarding and in flight. A Carer may be needed if

  • The passenger is unable to self-toilet
  • The passenger has no or little mobility
  • The passenger needs assistance during the flight with eating and drinking
  • The passenger needs assistance during the flight with medication

Requirements for Carer

Carers must be self-reliant and mentally/physically able to assist the passenger with all of the above requirements before and during the flight including boarding and disembarking.

Not all destinations have access to the Disabled Passenger Lift (DPL). Click on your destination above for more information and to access the Passenger with Disabilities and Wheelchair Assistance Request Form.


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